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Coaching is a fairly new profession that combines the best elements from

- psychology

- business

- finance

- philosophy

with a structured framework to help entrepreneurs, professionals, organizations and

business owner identifying and achieving goals and objectives in the least amount of stress,

cost and time.


Organizational development, changes brought about by mergers and acquisitions as well as the need to provide key employees with support through a change of role or career are often catalysts, which inspire companies to seek coaching or mentoring.

Coaching might be viewed as something that only larger organizations get involved in. However, more and more small businesses see the need for coaching when they realize they have reached a plateau in their business.

Coaching is a great way for small business owners to develop leadership skills, grow their organizations and keep this growth on track.


And coaching works because?

Coaching works because of three specific reasons:

Teamwork: My clients and I work together as a team focusing on their goals to accomplish more than they would alone.

Structure:   With me, they take action, think bigger, outside the box and succeed due to the accountability I provide.

Expertise:   I know what it takes for businesses to increase their income, make better and faster decisions, identify
                   the best goals, the most efficient methods on achieving them and reorganize professional and personal lives
                   for maximum results of their effort.

Who is hiring you?

Entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, their employees and managers as well as people in transition use my services to identify goals and objectives and the most efficient way of succeeding.

Why are you hired?

Here are some examples of what my clients and I are working on together:

Identifying business strategies for using your past experiences, mistakes and victories to your advantage
Keeping track with the implementation of plans for sales and marketing 
Balancing business and personal lifes
Overcoming difficult situations
Achieving maximum work performance 
Overcoming  business or personal problems
Defining goals, becoming clear about the most effective way to reach them and prioritizing the necessary tasks, projects and action
Gaining insight on getting "unstuck"
Working on the business (development) rather than in the business
Increasing sales to generate profitable revenue
Identifying the barriers to meet personal and business goals

and you do this how?

My clients and I are scheduling regular, weekly telephone sessions with clients calling in or meetings in person, whichever is more convenient for them. The clients bring an agenda of items they want to work on. I help them solve problems and make the most of opportunities.

For working on a large goal, I help them design a project plan, provide the support and structure needed to make sure it stays on track and gets finished. I bring out each clients best by offering advice, expecting a lot, helping them strategize and celebrating their wins.

My clients are located both nationally and overseas, located in several areas of the country, in big cities as well as small towns. Clients range from small business owners to large corporations and the focus may be on either business goals or personal goals or both when intertwined.

certifications and memberships

Core Essential Graduate - Coach U
Certified PRINT Coach
Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)