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"Bigger, not Best" and a belief in the seemingly limitless frontier have been the drivers of growth in the USA, starting way back during the Pilgrim times. "Cultivate the land, wear it out and then move west another 10 miles. There is plenty of more land!"
Historically,when people started to manufacture, they simply turned these agricultural habits into "Mass, not Quality" and trusted in what were thought to be never -ending resources. This has lead to a disposable business culture, that is no longer sustainable.

The clients we work with have realized this and have chosen MerHan to help them prevail when the rest of the world is out of control. They understand that their future with sustainable growth depends on

- Identifying the short- and long-term Drivers behind any Crisis

- Pinpointing the Opportunities within to chart a new path for Growth  

- Overcoming internal Resistance and creating the Ability to Change

Expanding our clients business potential by increasing the effectiveness of their business operations is at the core of our activities. We focus on creating value for our clients and build the trust necessary for a successful project completion by clearly identifying the challenges and how any potential solution fits into their overal strategic business vision.

We understand the unique challenges of small and mid-sized businesses and the tools needed to succeed. Our clients’ success has no limits. In our partnership with the clients, we are the catalyst to create this understanding through-out their organization.

Services Overview

Strategic Business, Sales and Marketing Program Planning
Business Development
New Product Development
Organizational and Operational Development 


Hannes Geiger, Founder and President

Email: hannes.geiger@merhan-coach.com


20+ years of multi-industries Sales and Marketing Management
Business Coaching

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