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Business Management

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7 Fundamentals for Business Success

For any business owner to become successful today, they must provide their prospects with an experience focused on seven very basic fundamentals.

How to empower employees for maximum business results

Empowerment means letting go of the authority to make certain decisions. This is partly a good management practice and partly about facing reality.


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Want versus Need

How to improve your marketing results by identifying the hot buttons of your customers

How to Network Effectively

Networking is never about you but always about the other person. Learn more about them by asking questions.

Strategic Questions to ask before starting new Marketing Activities

Start a new marketing activity only if you can answer these questions to your satisfaction for real return on your investment.

What is a Brand and how you can develop yours

The importance of developing your company's brand and the value that will be created.


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Is your Vocabulary costing you Money?

Words we use in discussion with our clients can generate positive or negative emotions. Use the right ones.

Coaching Sales People

Ask your sales people how they want to be coached - Set the Expectation


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What is Strategic Planning?

The importance of strategic planning not just for large corporations but also for small and mid-size businesses as a compass and roadmap to profitable growth


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A New Leadership Style for Business and Personal Growth

The conflict between advanced technology and archaic business management is a major reason why the modern workplace is characterized by dissatisfaction, frustration, inflexibility and stress. It is time for a change!

How Coaches help Leaders bring Spirit and Soul to Organizations

The concept and application of spirit and soul in a business environment is an intellectual challenge. Coaches work with leaders so the qualities of spirit and soul become the culture of the business organization.

Employee Development

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Less pay + More hours = Unhappy workers.

The majority of those still employed now put in longer hours for less pay, resulting in low motivation in the workplace. A company's success depends on changing that.

Benefits of Coaching

A brief outline of benefits for organizations, managers and individuals received from coaching based on Fortune 1000 company surveys